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Comparing Average Rates for Select Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, and Radiology Services by Local Areas

When a person unknowingly receives health care services from a provider that is outside of their insurer's network, it gives rise to the potential for a "surprise bill". Congress continues to consider legislation aimed at reducing the financial burden of "surprise bills" for patients. The approach approved by committees in both the House and Senate is to set a benchmark for the amount that can be ...
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CBS Evening News: Family Hit With $3,700 Bill For Out-Of-Network Anesthesiologist

HCCI's research on out-of-network billing was recently cited by a CBS Evening News report on the topic. Family hit with $3,700 bill for out-of-network anesthesiologist - CBS News When Adam and Laura Parkinson chose their hospital and obstetrician for the birth of their son, they didn't think they would get hit with a surprise bill for the epidural
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Surprise out-of-network medical bills during in-network hospital admissions varied by state and medical specialty, 2016

  Out-of-network billing practices have increasingly garnered attention as individuals with commercial health insurance continue to experience " surprise billing ." A surprise medical bill commonly describes a charge to a patient for care delivered by an out-of-network (OON) professional who works within an in-network facility. We used the Health Care Cost Institute's (HCCI) vast commerc...
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Medical Care Research and Review: Prices for Physicians’ Services in Medicare Advantage and Commercial Plans

ABSTRACT: The prices that insurers pay physicians ultimately affect beneficiaries' health insurance premiums. Using 2014 claims data from three major insurers, we analyzed the prices insurers paid in their Medicare Advantage (MA) and commercial plans for 20 physician services, in and out of network, and compared those prices with estimated amounts that Medicare's fee-for-service (FFS) program...
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