Past the Healthy Marketplace Index:
Using Common Services to Contextualize Geographic Variation

High and growing health care costs burden families, employers and governments at the federal, state, and local levels. These costs vary across and within regions because differing underlying factors impact local spending levels. To help stakeholders address health care spending in their areas, HCCI used nearly 2.5 billion commercial claims to track one of spending’s main drivers – health care prices – in 124 U.S. cities. For more on local area comparisons, visit the Healthy Marketplace Index (HMI) page.

This series, Past the Healthy Marketplace Index, illustrates the substantial variation in both health care prices and the magnitude of price growth across and within geographies by examining the negotiated rates for six commonly used services.

Vol I. Prices

Explore actual prices paid for the selected services in 2017

Vol II. Price Growth

Examine changes in those prices over time (2013-2017)

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