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Health care claims data is the most comprehensive source of real-world evidence available to researchers. HCCI is dedicated to unlocking insights into more accessible, affordable, and equitable care through data.

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ESI Claims Dataset
Data Access Hub

With over a decade of data available, HCCI’s commercial claims dataset includes over 1 billion employer-sponsored health insurance claims per year, representing over 50 million lives.

  • An extraordinary multi-payer, longitudinal commercial claims dataset covering one-third of the employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) population.
  • Our HIPAA and anti-trust-compliant dataset provides critical information about health care costs without divulging sensitive information – protecting all payers, providers, and patients in the data.
  • HCCI maintains vigorous data masking rules that dictate when results can be publicly reported at national and subnational levels.
  • Academic and government researchers can register for the Data Access Hub and apply to use our ESI Claims Dataset to power their research initiatives.

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Public Transparency Data

With this powerful price transparency toolkit, patients can navigate health care prices, empowering them to make informed choices about their care.

  • is a free and publicly available resource that provides data for nearly 400 treatment services.
  • A resource developed to make health care data usable for all patients and policymakers.
  • Patients can better understand the cost of care by comparing the average prices for common procedures in their geographic area.


HealthPrices DataPage

Public Data Tool
Health Care Vitals

An interactive dashboard lets users view national and state multi-payer health service data.

  • The data powering Health Care Vitals represents over 190 million people with public and private health insurance—nearly two out of every three people in the US with health insurance.
  • Track patterns and view monthly use rates of select health care services with the Vitals dashboard.
  • Filter and stratify the data by service category, payer type, and key demographics based on four complex and comprehensive underlying data sources. 

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Public Data Tool
Navigate, Explore, Research and Discover

HCCI’s latest innovative data visualization tool allows any user interested in health care claims to access aggregated claims data in a dynamic environment.

  • With DataNERD, you can gain swift insights through user-friendly dashboards, conduct in-depth exploratory data analysis in minutes, and access aggregated metrics and trends influencing health costs across the population.
  • Explore a curated selection of data derived from HCCI’s database to analyze, compare, and understand the cost and utilization trends from regional and national levels.
  • If you or your organization are not qualifying customers for the HCCI Commercial Claims Dataset, consider annual access to DataNERD.

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