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North Carolina Health Care Spending - Multi-Payer Analysis

NC Interactive Report

NC Downloadable Data

NC Methodology


NC Crosswalk (csv)/(txt)

Other Topics

Commercial and Medicare Prices for Professional Services

Commercial and Medicare Professional Service Prices Downloadable Data

Commercial and Medicare Price Comparison Methodology

Commercial and Medicare Charges for Professional Services by Site of Service

Commercial and Medicare Charges for Professional Services Downloadable Data

Consumer-Directed Health Plan Enrollment and Spending Trends 2008-2017

CDHP Enrollment and Spending Downloadable Data


Settings of Care - Office and Outpatient APC Service Utilization and Prices 2009-2017

APC Service Settings Downloadable Data

Shifting Care Settings - Outpatient and Office Settings 2009-2017 Dashboard

Out-of-Network Surprise Billing Associated with In-Network Hospital Admissions 2016

OON State Downloadable Data

OON Provider Specialty Downloadable Data

Emergency Room Procedure Code Spending, Utilization, and Price

HCCI ER 2009-2016 Downloadable Data

ER Charge and Price Trends by State 2009-2016 Dashboard

ER Spending, Price, and Utilization Trends by State 2009-2016 Dashboard

Multiple Sclerosis Spending – Specialty Drugs

HCCI MS Formatted Excel Tables

Multiple Sclerosis Specialty Drug Spending Dashboard

Share of ESI with Annual Spending over Threshold Amounts by Age and Gender

Health Care Spending Threshold Dashboard

Insulin - Average Point-of-Sale Prices per Script by State, 2012-2016