About HCCI
HCCI is an independent, non-profit research institute

Founded in 2011, the Health Care Cost Institute is a trusted source of clear information that researchers, policymakers and journalists can rely on to explain what is driving health care spending in the US. We recognize that people are at the heart of health care. The best way to identify how we can develop a better performing, more sustainable system of care is to methodically examine current care trends. As the only non-profit, independent research group with the most comprehensive database of commercially insured individuals, paired with access to Medicaid and Medicare data – HCCI is committed to putting health care claims data to work for the benefit of the people behind the figures.


HCCI currently holds claims data for around 55 million Americans with commercial insurance, as well as 100% Medicare fee for service Parts A, B, and D. HCCI licenses its commercial medical and pharmacy claims dataset to non-commercial researchers.

HCCI Staff

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in health care services and economic research; data management and governance; and price transparency.

Governing Board

HCCI’s governing board is comprised of award winning academics, renowned health care economists, and distinguished experts from the healthcare arena.

Collaborations and Partnerships

HCCI is proud to partner with leading organizations to fund, support and disseminate data and research

Academic Partners

Join HCCI’s list of prestigious academic partners that have access to our world class data