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Our impactful, relevant, and unbiased research on the most important trends in health care spending.

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HCCI is a non-profit, independent research group with the most comprehensive data on commercially insured individuals.

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An independent, non-profit research institute

  • Since 2011, The Health Care Cost Institute has been a trusted source for clear information that researchers, policymakers, and journalists can rely on to explain what shapes health care spending in the US.

    HCCI is situated at the nexus of data, analytics, and action. We leverage unique, high-quality data assets and extraordinary expertise in research and policy to help create a more accessible, affordable, and equitable health care system.

  • The best way to develop a better system of care is to methodically examine important trends in health care. HCCI is committed to using health care claims data to benefit the people behind the figures.

  • We believe health care data should be accessible, that health care information should be transparent and easy to understand, and that robust analytics can empower all stakeholders to improve the quality and value of health care in the US.

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Our annual Health Care Cost and Utilization Report examines year-over-year and five-year cumulative trends in health care spending for individuals with employer-sponsored insurance

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You can access HCCI’s original research on topics related to health care spending, utilization, and prices.

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HCCI’s latest innovative health care price transparency tool is designed as a free patient resource.

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HCCI maintains a multi-payer commercial claims dataset covering one-third of the employer-sponsored insurance population in the United States. We license access to our data to academic researchers, policymakers, and non-profit organizations.

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Providing access to understandable health care spending and price information is crucial to our mission. Our team regularly releases interactive tools and downloadable data with our written and visual publications.

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Enhance your research using customized data analysis

Are you interested in a specific health care topic? HCCI can use our commercial and government data resources and unique analytic experience to help you. Just reach out!

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