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CNN Money: $12,000 for a bee sting? Emergency room visits get even pricier


Sylvia Rosas decided to go to the emergency room after getting stung by a bee in her yard in Valrico, Florida. She had experienced allergic reactions in the past, but didn't have an EpiPen on hand.

However, what really hurt was the $12,000 bill she received for the visit to the ER.

The 53-year-old said she was seen by several doctors, who ordered thousands of dollars in blood tests and an EKG during the 2015 visit that lasted less than two hours. Since the hospital was out of network, her insurer wouldn't cover the visit, and she ended up having to pay the entire bill.

"Never did I think I'd have this type of a bill," said Rosas, a mortgage loan officer who says she's now hesitant to go to the doctor. "I was there for such a short time."

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