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​HCCI Data Brief: Sexual and Reproductive Health Among People with Employer-Sponsored Insurance


Reproductive and sexual health services play an important role in daily life and wellbeing for many people. These services include preventive services (such as screenings for sexually transmitted infections and reproductive cancers), contraceptive services, and services relating to pregnancy and childbirth. The objective of this report is to provide national and state data on the use of reproductive and sexual health services among people with health insurance coverage through an employer. 

We use HCCI's commercial claims dataset to examine 11 services, which we categorized into contraceptive services, sterilization, and services related to termination of pregnancy. For each, we assess overall volume of services and rates in the eligible population, nationally, by state, and by age group. Findings include:

  • Contraceptive services were widely used. We found a combined rate of contraceptive services (oral pill, ring, injectables, intrauterine devices, implants) of almost 145,000 per 100,000 reproductive aged females nationally in 2020.
  • Nationally, tubal ligation sterilization services declined since 2016. Vasectomy rates have slowly increased since 2016 but showed a substantial dip in 2020.
  • Pregnancy termination services fluctuated over time; the overall rate of these services in 2020 was 667 per 100,000 reproductive aged females. The highest rates of these services were among females aged 25-34.
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