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NPR: $2,733 To Treat Iron-Poor Blood? Iron Infusions For Anemia Under Scrutiny

HCCI recently provided cost information  for iron infusions for an NPR article.

From the article:

"An analysis of private insurance claims conducted by the Health Care Cost Institute, an independent research group funded by insurers, found that in 2017, private health plans paid $4,316 per visit, on average, if a patient received Injectafer infusions. Feraheme, the next most expensive infusion drug, cost private plans $3,087 per visit, while the other three on the market were considerably cheaper. Infed was $1,502, Venofer $825 and Ferrlecit $412, the institute found, in an analysis for Kaiser Health News."


Iron Infusions For Anemia Under Scrutiny For High, Widely Varying Prices : Shots - Health News : NPR

Iron-deficiency anemia is often remedied with drugstore iron pills. But if that doesn't work, doctors sometimes prescribe iron infusions — and the bill for that can vary by thousands of dollars. Why?
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