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STAT: Seeing the ‘Deep Pocket’ Effect When Insurers Pay for Health Care

HCCI's Guroo tool was cited in a STAT article on direct versus insurance-covered health care service prices.  

From the article: "I compared prices from this health system's booklet to the average allowed amounts for the same services reported by the Health Care Cost Institute's Guroo tool for hospitals in the state of Pennsylvania. For all services for which insurers pay more than $5,000, the price quoted to the Plain communities is substantially less than the price negotiated by insurers, with most retail prices falling between 49% and 64% of insurers' prices." 


When insurance pays for health care: the 'deep pocket' effect - STAT

A lesson from the Amish: Health care tends to cost more when it is paid for by insurance than when it is paid for directly by consumers.
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