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The Wall Street Journal: Cost of Employer-Provided Health Coverage Passes $20,000 a Year

HCCI's 2017 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report was cited in a Wall Street Journal article on the cost of employer-sponsored insurance. 

From the article: 

"A major driver of the cost of coverage has been the rising prices that insurers and employers pay for health care, said Niall Brennan, chief executive of the Health Care Cost Institute, a nonprofit. "The vast majority of this can be explained by prices," particularly for hospital care, he said. Consolidation by hospital systems has in many cases given them a larger share of their local markets, which "enables them to engage in pretty unconstrained pricing behavior," he said.

A report earlier this year from the Health Care Cost Institute tracked health spending by examining insurer claims from employer-sponsored coverage between 2013 and 2017, and found that over that time health-care utilization declined 0.2% and average prices increased 17.1%."


Cost of Employer-Provided Health Coverage Passes $20,000 a Year - WSJ

The average total cost of employer-provided health coverage passed $20,000 for a family plan this year, according to a new survey, a landmark that will likely resonate politically as health care has become an early focus of the presidential campaign.
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