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USA TODAY: Woman waited in Atlanta ER for seven hours and wasn't seen. She was later charged $700.

HCCI's research into ER "facility fees" was featured in a USA TODAY article about fees for visiting an emergency room. From the article:

"In 2019, the nonprofit Health Care Cost Institute found that the average emergency room visit cost $1,389, up 176% over the decade. This number only includes the cost of entry for emergency care, not include extra charges such as blood tests, IVs, drugs or other treatments." 


Atlanta woman billed $700 after waiting in ER for seven hours

In July, Taylor Davis told FOX 5 Atlanta she went to the Emory Decatur Hospital ER for a head injury, waited seven hours and was never seen. Weeks later, she was billed $700.

Adamant it was a mistake, Davis called the hospital and was told she was charged what's called a "facility fee" or "emergency room visiting fee."

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