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Consumer Reports: How Much Should It Cost to Get Tested for COVID-19?

 HCCI's President and CEO Niall Brennan was featured in a Consumer Reports article on the price of coronavirus testing. 

From the article: "Outside analysts say that it is hard to name a standard fair price for a COVID-19 test when factoring in rent, staff, insurance, utilities, and other operational expenses. It is 'difficult to answer because people will claim to have lots of sunk costs and admin expenses they need to recoup, but $200 plus is not the right price,' says Niall Brennan, president and CEO of the Health Care Cost Institute, which studies claim data from four participating insurers."


How Much Should It Cost to Get Tested for COVID-19? - Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports investigates the costs of COVID-19 tests. Some COVID-19 testing facilities offer free rapid and PCR tests; others can charge $125 to more than $1,000.

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