Shedding light on health care spending in the U.S.

Health Care Cost & Utilization

HCCI’s annual report on trends in spending, use and prices among people with employer sponsored insurance.

Healthy Marketplace Index

An exploration of health care spending across the U.S. using vivid charts and data.

Health Care Vitals

An interactive dashboard allowing users to view multi payer health service data.

HCCI Publications

Original research, public resources and interactive tools on topics related to health care use and spending.


Guroo is HCCI’s immersive tool for bringing health care price transparency to the average customer.

Who we are

HCCI is a mission-driven, independent, nonprofit organization situated at the nexus of data, analytics, and action.

What we offer

HCCI maintains an extraordinary multi-payer, longitudinal commercial claims dataset covering one third of the employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) population in the United States.

What our data can do

By facilitating clear, unbiased research around the most important trends in health care — particularly those economic issues that are critical to a sustainable, high-performing system — HCCI enables all stakeholders in health care to drive improvements in quality and value with our robust analytics. By using our unique assets, HCCI has become an invaluable partner in bringing about systemic change.

How we engage

Health care claims data is the most comprehensive source of real-world evidence available to researchers – the gold standard for timely, population-level information.

How you can partner with HCCI

As a small non-profit organization, HCCI values strategic partnership and contributions to fund our efforts to remove costs as a barrier to health care access across the United States.

Help us amplify changemaking initiatives

HCCI has collaborated with media organizations, such as The New York Times, Vox, The Washington Post, NBC, and Kaiser Health News.