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The Data

Over 1 billion employer-sponsored health insurance claims per year ▪ Over 55 million covered lives per year, 2012-2019 ▪ Updated annually ▪ All years of data available to all researchers ▪ All 50 states and D.C. ▪ Track patients for longitudinal studies ▪ De-identified, HIPAA and anti-trust compliant

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  • How do I apply to use the data?

    Once the HCCI team reviews and approves your registration request, you can submit an online application to use the data. Each application is subject to an extensive review process and researchers must complete compliance documents before access to the virtual enclave is provisioned. A more comprehensive outline of the application process is available in the Data Access Hub.

  • Do I need IRB approval?

    HCCI does not have any IRP requirements because the data is de-identified. However, you should consult with your organization’s IRB if you need approval.

  • What is the cost to access the data?

    As of January 2024, HCCI offers access on a per project basis. Team Access includes two seats in the enclave for $45,000 for a one-year term, with options for additional seats available. Student Access includes one seat for $15,000, for a one-year term. If researchers on existing projects elect to extend their access, the annual costs at the time of the initial project agreement applies.

    **For data users accessing the dataset after January 1, 2025, the price will increase to $50,000 per project for team access and $17,500 per project for student access. We encourage you to review ‘Pricing Details for Access’.

  • Do you offer institutional memberships or discounts for multiple projects?

    Yes. HCCI offers a volume discount on additional projects that are initiated within the first year of data access. If you (or other researchers in your institution/organization) apply and are approved for 1 additional project within the year, it will be discounted by 5%. For 2 additional projects within the year, both projects will be discounted by 10%, and 3 additional projects will be discounted by 15%. HCCI caps the discount at 15% for 4 or more projects, as our fixed costs associated with acquiring and maintaining the dataset will not allow for deeper discounting.

  • Does my year of access allow me to do unlimited projects?

    No, one-year access is limited to the research proposed within your application. However, you are welcome to write your research proposal to allow for multiple research questions (while maintaining a cohesive focus), and to publish results in multiple papers.

  • How long will it take for me to get access to the data?

    Once an application is submitted, it goes under review for up to eight weeks. Once approved, compliance documents that may require legal review must be submitted. This can take an unpredictable amount of time, but typically ranges from 3-5+ weeks, depending on the researcher and institution. A more in-depth look into the approval process can be found in the Data Access Hub.