The Data

Over 1 billion employer-sponsored health insurance claims per year ▪ Over 55 million covered lives per year, 2012-2019 ▪ Updated annually ▪ All years of data available to all researchers ▪ All 50 states and D.C. ▪ Track patients for longitudinal studies ▪ De-identified, HIPAA and anti-trust compliant

For more resources and granular views of the dataset, register with the Data Access Hub


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The Data Access Process

Here are the steps to get access to HCCI’s commercial claims research dataset.

Register with the Data Access Hub

You can get access to more resources and granular data views, and directly submit an application to HCCI.

Submit Application in the Data Access Hub

You can prepare content ahead of time with the Fillable Application and after registering, submit electronically when ready.

HCCI Reviews Application

HCCI reviews for eligibility, feasibility, and reasonable research methods; this process takes about 3–4 weeks.

Approval of Research Application

You are notified of approval by your designated HCCI staff rep.


You submit final paperwork and we execute a Data License Agreement between your institution/organization and HCCI.


You are provisioned accounts in HCCI’s secure data enclave. Begin your research!

Past Projects

Explore past research projects, or learn more about us on our website.

External Research

Review papers from our past research partners

Internal Research

See the projects from HCCI’s in-house researchers


Don’t see your question? Register with the Data Access Hub for more in-depth FAQs or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Why should I register with the Data Access Hub?

    Registering for the Data Access Hub allows you to get more granular information about HCCI’s data, apply to use the data, and get support along the way. HCCI uses your contact information solely for communication purposes. The non-disclosure agreement that is part of the registration process is a mutual agreement that protects the confidentiality of HCCI’s data details while also protecting the confidentiality of your application contents, e.g. research questions, proposed methods, etc. Should you have any concerns, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • What do I need to do to apply?

    Register with the Data Access Hub. You will be approved by the HCCI team and able to view more granular information about the data, as well as submit an application. You can view the application here and when you're ready, you will submit electronically.Once an application has been submitted and approved, researchers will complete compliance paperwork. Then research teams will be provisioned access to the secure data enclave environment and can begin their research.

  • Do I need IRB approval?

    HCCI doesn’t have any IRB requirements because the data is deidentified, but you should consult with you organization’s IRB if you need to get approval.

  • What is the cost to access the data?

    We generally run on a per project, per year basis, with the cost being $45,000 for annual access. For students, there is a 1 seat option, where the cost is $15,000 for the year. If your institution is interested in broader access, we can discuss details, which include the opportunity for volume discounts if you initiate multiple projects.

  • Do you offer institutional memberships or discounts for multiple projects?

    Yes. HCCI offers a volume discount on additional projects that are initiated within the first year of data access. If you (or other researchers in your institution/organization) apply and are approved for 1 additional project within the year, it will be discounted by 5%. For 2 additional projects within the year, both projects will be discounted by 10%, and 3 additional projects will be discounted by 15%. HCCI caps the discount at 15% for 4 or more projects, as our fixed costs associated with acquiring and maintaining the dataset will not allow for deeper discounting.

  • Does my year of access allow me to do unlimited projects?

    No, your year of access is limited to the research proposed within your application. However, you are welcome to write your research proposal to allow for multiple research questions (while maintaining a cohesive focus), and to publish results in multiple papers. Additionally, per HCCI’s volume discount program, you can apply for additional projects during your year of access and receive a discount that increases with the number of additional projects.

  • We want to do longitudinal analysis. How many years are available?

    All researchers will have access to 2012-2020 data.

  • Do I need certain storage requirements to access the data?

    Approved research teams get access to a secure enclave which them gives them access to our entire dataset – all years, all billion+ claims. We do not send physical data.

  • How long will it take for me to get access to the data?

    We will begin accepting applications for access to the dataset in mid-January 2021. If approved, the data will be available in the first quarter of 2021. You can view the application here.

  • I’m not going to finish my project in the year-long access window. What are my extension options?

    You can request either a 90-day extension, a year extension, or a multi-year extension (annual cost at the time of agreement applies).