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Going Beyond the Healthy Marketplace Index: A Closer Look at Four Metro Areas

Each year, HCCI creates the Healthy Marketplace Index (HMI) to examine how health care spending varies across the United States. The HMI shows health care spending, prices, and use compared to the national median for close to 200 local metro areas. By describing how health care spending varies geographically and how use and price contribute to spending in each area, HMI is a starting point in unde...

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ESI Enrollees Paid $853 on Average Out-of-Pocket for Health Care in 2020, But Some People Paid Over Four Times as Much

High out-of-pocket costs for health care services can put necessary care and medications out of reach for many people. In one survey, nearly half of adults reported difficulty paying for health care services. In this brief, we used HCCI's commercial claims dataset, which includes health care spending information for over one-third of the population who receives health insurance through their job, ...

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