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Facility Fees and How They Affect Health Care Prices: Policy Explainer

In this brief, we explain the basics of "facility fees," which have been gaining attention at the state and federal levels. We discuss what a facility fee is, why patients might receive a bill for a facility fee for non-hospital services, why there is controversy around these bills, and what policymakers are doing to address them. Download and read the brief below. As described in the br...

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Rising Share of Chemotherapy Services Provided in Outpatient Departments is Associated with Higher Costs for Patients and Payers

Every year, 1 million people in the U.S. receive chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Most chemotherapy treatment requires patients to be present in a physician's office or hospital outpatient department to receive the treatment (typically an infusion or injection). Chemotherapy plays a critical role in treatment for many patients with cancer, but it also often leads to high financial costs for pati...

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