map use nyc gif3 smThe COVID-19 global pandemic has had an extraordinary impact on the US health care system since its emergence in early 2020. From the death toll to the disparate impact on communities of color to the effects on the rest of health care delivery, the pandemic is having negative health care and economic consequences in ways that will take years to understand fully.

HCCI data and original analyses contain critical information to understanding the impact of the pandemic. With robust data that can provide insights about people with employer-sponsored insurance and Medicare beneficiaries, we have several resources with information specifically about COVID-19.


Recent COVID-19 Research

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Vaccine Targeting Provider Map

Map tool shows providers serving highest-risk patients

Years of Life Lost

Since April 2020, 1.9 million excess years of life have been lost, 13% above historical average

Impact on Preventive Care

Continuously updated dashboard shows changes in preventive service use

Distribution of Hospital Care

How hospital resources are distributed among types of admissions